Steps of the Shaklee Business Plan


Step1 Dream The Life I Love Dream Book - Masterfully created by Linda Radtke

Steps 2-8:

Business Planning and Tracking

Coaching Business Partners

Customer Tracking


Additional Resources to Support the Steps of the Business Process:

2. Goals in Business

(Use these monthly and weekly to structure yourself to reach your business goals!)

Monthly PV Goals in word

Monthly PV Goals in excel (tracker in action)

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Activity Tracker


3. Make a List - Prospect

(Track how you are doing with your prospects)

Tracking Process for Prospects

Prospect List

Prospecting Tracker


Scripts for Prospecting:

    - Asking Questions! - Barb Lagoni

    - Principals of Approaching

    - What to say when someone asks: What do you do?


Marketing Ideas


4. Invite

- Invitation to a presentation

(format for any presentation and remember to keep the invitation separate from the sharing/presentation)


5. Share

Presentation Outlines:

    - Business

    - Better You, Better World - Creating a Healthy Home

    - Kids' Nutrition

    - Minerelles


    - Outline for Cinch, Get Clean, Enfuselle, Vitalizer Presentation

        - Hostess Thank You Gift

        - Support for the Hostess Gift

        - How to Buy Options


6. Sponsor

Membership Application


7. Follow up with Customers

See Customer Tracking

AND - Symptoms Assessment


8. Train/Coach/Mentor

Difference between training, coaching and mentoring